Kitchen Remodeling

Glistening quartz countertops. A subway-tiled backsplash. An island big enough to chop vegetables on while people sit on the opposite side, chatting or having a snack. A view of the living areas that allows you to participate in the conversation, see the football score or realize when the toddler is about to fall off the couch.

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We bet you have a similar list for your own dream kitchen. Maybe your current kitchen just doesn’t have enough cabinet space, which accounts for the canned goods stuck on the laundry room shelves. Maybe your work triangle of sink-refrigerator-cooktop is way out of whack, or the dishwasher blocks traffic whenever its door is down for loading. You dream of a gas stove, maybe six burners; a clean design that doesn’t look like a combination of three decades; and a solution to the drawer or cabinet that holds all the lids for the pots and pans.

The cable channel HGTV is front-and-center in the business of inspiring homeowners who might be potential kitchen or bathroom remodelers. These companies are masters in showing you a dark, small kitchen that turns light and bright once there’s a wall down, a window added, a color change and a bonus pantry.

Here are some of the top kitchen rennovation trends HGTV has named:

  • Two-toned cabinetry or entire kitchens in two tones;
  • Unexpected tile for the backsplash areas that add color or texture;
  • Wood floors in a pattern different from the rest of the house, like herringbone;
  • “Statement stools” that add an accent at the kitchen island;
  • Pendant lighting over the central work area; they can be matched or mismatched, modern or with a more industrial feel;
  • Traditional dowel posts to anchor an island and give a kitchen more of a traditional feel;
  • Metallic accents: a copper range hood, pewter faucets and hardware, silver pendant lights, stainless appliances

And Elle Décor offers its list of top kitchen design trends:

  • Concealed storage: No hardware or delineation between cabinets, just press on a wooden panel and it opens to show you its contents.
  • Open shelving: On the other side of the spectrum, a lot of open shelving (especially for dishes and glasses in everyday rotation) is making an appearance.
  • Wood everywhere: “People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. It creates a welcoming and calming environment, and is a timeless, versatile material we love. We see a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.”– New York and San Francisco BCV architects Chris von Eckartsberg and Hans Baldauf.
  • Colored cabinetry – Perhaps as an antidote to a couple of decades of white, white, white.
  • Open plans, raw materials – Homeowners are wanting generous-sized kitchens, open to living areas, with a presence of raw materials, including wood, stone and marble.

All these possibilities – and the thousands more that are out there – are fun to think about, and can sometimes seem dizzying. Start by writing down your renovation needs and wishes for the space, and talk to a good contractor about the possibilities. Often, he or she will have additional ideas that will accomplish the goals you have. You’ll get ideas for your space, for the materials that might enhance that space, for appliances, placement, light fixtures, flooring, and backsplash options. You’ll learn whether it really would be a big deal to swap where the stove and refrigerator are. And you’ll get a strong sense of the costs you’re looking at, whether you decided to do a couple of smaller kitchen projects or gut the whole thing and start over.

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