Thinking About Remodeling?

Do you look around your home and imagine taking a wall down and opening up the space? Do you imagine different ways to arrange the kitchen to fit in an island and get rid of your household traffic jam? Do you watch remodeling shows on television, marveling at how a renovation can not only turn a problem home into a dream home, but even increase the value along the way?

If you love where you’re living – but wish there were things you could change about your home – remodeling is often the smart answer. The most popular renovation projects today, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, are, in order:

  • Bathroom remodel (81 percent of projects)
  • Kitchen remodel (78 percent)
  • Whole-house remodel (49 percent)
  • Adding a room (37 percent)
  • Replacing windows and/or doors (30 percent)

Types of Remodels

Bathroom and kitchen remodels always seem to take the top spots; the year before, kitchens were No. 1 and bathrooms were No. 2. Why? Because they are the two rooms that have aged most significantly since many houses were built, so they are the two rooms that make the most difference when remodeled. Bathrooms used to be smaller, often with only one sink, one electric outlet, and little storage; kitchens used to be closed-off from the rest of the living areas, and were smaller and more utilitarian.

Today, bathrooms often need to accommodate a two-career couple getting ready for work at the same time; connected master closets need to accommodate two full wardrobes. And kitchens have become a heart of a home, where kids are doing homework while a parent cooks, or dinner guests mingle and talk while the chef of the night puts the finishing touches on a meal. Aging appliances, insufficient cabinet space and the desire for more functionality often drive most kitchen renovations. And if you’re wanting to sell your older home, you may find that buyers are hoping for great curb appeal, updated rooms, clean finishes and the sense that a house is move-in ready.

Whole-house remodeling has a bigger scope: A family is expanding, and needs more space for kids or an aging parent; or a family is downsizing, and wants to reallocate the spaces formerly dictated by their earlier priorities. This is often the answer when the house is in the perfect location, but just isn’t perfect anymore. Options include all the projects named above, and add such possibilities as going up (by adding a partial or complete second story), going out (by expanding the footprint of the house and adding extra rooms and outdoor living spaces), and going green (by improving energy efficiency, improving the quality of indoor air, conserving resources, and using sustainable materials).

Is It Worth It To Remodel?

Many people want to know what the return on their investment will be if they remodel a room or their entire home. The short answer is that it’s hard to tell; it depends on the improvements you make, the scope of the project and the area in which you live. But the more detailed answer, from, is this: You can expect to recoup at least 81 percent from a minor kitchen remodel and 62 percent from a major kitchen remodel; deck additions, siding replacements and window replacements all hover in the 70th percentile; the addition of a bathroom returns 60 percent, and a bathroom remodel returns 67 percent. Keep in mind that those are all averages; depending on whether you want to sell your house, stay in it for a few years, or commit to it for the long haul, the value of those renovations mean different things.

Do You Need A Custom Home

And the ultimate in building projects? Deciding to embrace a new, custom home, which may be the best option for you if your current home has multiple issues and a whole-home project would be too intrusive, not appropriate for the neighborhood, or not a good return on value. With a custom home you can start from scratch and be involved with a builder from the beginning, who helps you evaluate your home site, use the space to its best advantage, and create a dwelling built to suit your lifestyle – and your budget. Architectural styles, the flow of space from room to room, and the finishes in the home can all reflect your individuality and living needs. Expert Design & Construction is experienced, family-owned, and qualified to handle every aspect of your project, from that first discussion to a turn-key finish.

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